In MESTRA® we are convinced that our customers not only want to supply good products at competitive price.

Also looking for a set of intangibles that make it enjoyable and fruitful business relationship: kindness in personal dealings, the accuracy in the information provided, and the dependability in meeting commitments, the provision of aid of the team…

So our service begins before the sale of any product. Find in a friendly MESTRA® sales team ready to solve your questions and hear your views. Always receive a friendly and professional: that is our commitment.

Nor MESTRA® we ignore in any of our products once sold. Quite the contrary, we know that a new era starts here requires even more care and attention to the actual manufacture. The supply of spare parts, technical information, advice on diagnosis and repair of faults… are all aspects that can never be forgotten by the supplier. Hence, we are one of the companies in the dental sector that offers more information and help customer service.

We realize that providing good service involves changing attitudes and mentality, besides requiring enduring values ​​and establish a commitment to customers. The quality service requests from people working in the organization over capacity, interest and personal commitment. Taking these principles into practice requires a great effort from the team of MESTRA ®. However, we are convinced that precisely our future depends on it.