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Plaster and water dispenser. Just press a button, and you will obtain a dose ready to be mixed.

Besides its speed and precision, another advantage of this product is the saving of materials: when you dispense by hand, the trend is to increase the dose. However, with the Boomerang dispenser you will always obtain the exact dose, and the subsequent saving. According to our experience and estimates, the saving would be between 25 and 40%, quite important amount that will enable you to pay off the machine in a very short time.

So far the scarce systems of this type in the market were very expensive, sensitive and difficult to handle. Aware of the problem of thoroughly dispensing plaster in Dental Lab, MESTRA have developed the BOOMERANG dispenser.

Featuring a scale and useful for working with Type II, III and IV powder. It ha electronic controls that allow to alternate different types of powder by just replacing the tank, to programme cycles, to work with fixed proportions, and so on. It is factory supplied with a rubber bowl to mix the plaster and a plastic spatula. It also includes an extra plaster tank (to alternate different types of powder) and a bracket to fix it to the wall.


PROVEN: Save between 20 % and 40 % on plaster.

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Besides, the Boomerang dispensers have innovative features:

Easily removable powder tanks: it simplifies powder-filling and replacing plaster cartridges of different types. With the Boomerang dispenser a few seconds will be enough to replace the tank, and, therefore, the product to be dispensed.

Smartank dispensing system: the built-in dispensing mechanism is integrated in the tank, so that in case of obstruction or wear, it can be repaired in a few minutes by the user himself. the mechanism consists of a spindle, an impeller and an actuaotr, all of them easily accessible.

Intuitive multifunction button: a keystroke is enough for the dose shown on the siplay to be dispensed. if the button is pressed repeatedly the dose shown on the display will be multiplied by the number of keystrokes. If the button is kept pressed, the machine will dispense powder continuously as long as the button is pressed. Next the machine will dispense the proportional amount of water.

Electronic controls with display that shows continuously the amount of powder and water expressed in grammes and mililitres; four programs available that the user can adjust; calibration routine; three operation modes: liquied only, powder only, and liquid-powder proportion. Both models allow managing up to four different tpes of plaster, operating with fixed proportions, alarms. Factory supplied with two powder tanks and a bracket to fix it to the wall.

Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the most surprising features of the boomerang dispenser. Deviations are small and fall easily within the tolerance range of dental plasters.

Style: the Boomerang dispenser has an attractive design, combining practicality and ergonomics. As a rule in all MESTRA products, toughness and reliability are guaranteed.

And perhaps the most astonishing featue of the Boomerang dispenser is its price, much lower than it could be expected in a machine of this quality level and features. We encourage you to contact your MESTRA dealer. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Ref. 080590-43

Spindle (2 U.)



Height: 650 mm

Width: 350 mm

Depth: 430 mm

Weight: 7 kg

Voltage: 230V, 50/60 Hz

Power: 70 W

Large tank: 5 L

Small tank: 2 L