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Family of UV sanitizers in three different sizes.

The effectiveness of ultra violet rays is known to eliminate germs from any surface.

In the field of hygiene, they are widely used in different sectors: the elements to be sanitized are introduced into the chamberwhere they will be subjected to UV light for a defined time.

After the process, a good part of the microorganisms present will have disappeared.

There are three different models:


Ref. 100500 Ideal for small objects such as mobile phones, masks, key rings, coins, jewelry, etc.

Highly recommended for personal use.

With drying function by heating resistance.

Ref. 100502 Medium size. Its camera allows to process the same type of articles as the previous model, but in greater quantity; or if you prefer, larger objects.
Ideal for clinics and laboratories.
Ref. 100504 The inside of the cabinet is made entirely of easy-to-clean stainless steel.

It contains 10 levels of trays in which instruments can be stored. The deposited elements will be subjected to the action of UV rays.


Ref. 100500 Ref. 100502 Ref. 100504
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 120 x 296 x 195 mm 300 x 290 x 200 mm 500 x 350 x 260 mm
Weight 1 kg 4.5 kg 8 kg
Power supply 110˜240 V, 50 Hz 220 V, 50 Hz 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 150 W 4 W 15 W
Timer 10 min 0-60 min/continuous 0-999 min