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Professional steam generating machines.

Due to their abundant flow of dry steam, they are ideal for cleaning tasks in the dental clinic or laboratory.

– Tank capacities of 3.5 and 5 L.

– The operating pressure reaches up to 4 bars, enough to guarantee efficient cleaning.

– Its compact size allows for easy placement.

– Attractive and modern design.

– The operating pressure is reached in just a few minutes.

– In the event of lack of water, an indicator warns the user.

Both devices are supplied with a water level meter and a practical funnel.


Ref. 1000195 Ref. 1000196
Height withour support: 290 mm 280 mm
Height with folded support: 685 mm 680 mm
Width: 235 mm 400 mm
Depth: 335 mm 325 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg 11.3 kg
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz 220 V, 50 Hz
Power: 1250 W 2250 W


As in the rest of MESTRA vaporizers, it is recommended to use disqualified water, or better yet, distilled like that offered by the “distiller/decalcifier” Ref.100210


STEAM GENERATOR – 3.5 L – Capacidades de cuba de 3,5 y 5 L. – La presión de servicio llega hasta los 4 bares, suficiente para garantizar una eficaz limpieza. – Su tamaño compacto permite una fácil ubicación. – Atractivo y moderno diseño. – La presión de servicio se alcanza en apenas unos minutos. – En el caso de falta de agua un indicador advierte al usuario.