MESTRA® is a company producing goods and services that meet the needs of the dental professional. And that operate in uncertain and competitive environment of the dental laboratory. We also turn consumers of goods and services to other companies we acquire.

In this framework of cooperation with suppliers and customers, our product and our service is the reflection and image of our company, which should be measured by a variable very important and fundamental in the management of any business: quality. Quality, product-evaluated our customers receive-turn should reflect the quality of the entire organization.

This idea with the philosophy of continuous improvement, and management approach processes target, forms the ideological pillars of our company. We also need to respect basic moral values ​​and this is where the address MESTRA® plays a key role: starting with the previous education of our staff for greater predisposition; better able to absorb the problems of quality, and best judgment suggest changes in quality benefit.

Overcome as long the requirements of the ISO-9001: 2008 took several years directing our progress on the path of total quality, a concept that integrates satisfaction of staff, customers and suppliers, process efficiency, and of course, profitability.

Quality Policy