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Efficiency, Professionalism, High Quality and Innovation

Talleres Mestraitua, S.L. MESTRA® is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture of dental machinery and equipment. Our company was founded in 1947 and since then we have maintained a line of constant expansion. There are many factors that contribute to this expansion, and these are some of the most important: Efficiency, Professionalism, High Quality of our products, and Technical Innovation in product design. Currently we export products to more than fifty countries, all over the world … read more


Our business model is based on: extensive range of products, innovative design, quality, and customer service. Our success and permanence in the demanding dental sector guarantee us.



We bring our products to any place, thanks to our extensive network of distributors. Your expectations will always be satisfied thanks to the closeness of our attention.


Technical Service

Once you have MESTRA products, you will have technical support in the strange assumption that you need it. You will enjoy practically for life our products in your laboratory or dental clinic.

Technical Service

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