We have quality audit today. Since we have been certified almost 20 years ago, every year we have to go through the audit according to ISO 9001, so we have experience. But this year is special: as you know, in 2015 changed the standard to adapt to new demands. Basically, control of processes is intensified to avoid the consequences of poor quality. The aim is to minimise the risks, including risk in the broadest sense.

As I was saying, this year will be the first time we have to deal with the new rule. Our Quality Manager has prepared the audit properly, so i think there will be no problems. Year a year, the quality requirements of the standard are increasing, which is understandable. It is logical and ideal that we all propose to improve gradually over time.

On the other hand, I remind you that ISO 9001 is not the only certification that we must meet. There is also the certification of American standards, CSA, Japanese regulations, ce marking… what usually is required to a company with its own product, design, and exports to more than 50 countries, like MESTRA.

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