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Stainless steel. 2 tanks.

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Size does matter…

The arrival of new technologies and the increasing sophistication of the techniques have finally made space one of the most valuable resources among professionals in the dental sector. The only way to arrange so many different machines and devices is to reduce their size. Nevertheless, reducing the size does not mean simplifying: the aim is to achieve small machines, but with the same o even better performance than their elder sisters. The new Plutón sandblaster and Gorbea polishing box are good examples.

Pluton: mini size;

gigantic performance.

Small sized, but with similar features to those of the bigger models:

  • Two high capacity tanks.
  • Blasting pressure up to 6 bars.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • High power LED light.
  • Wide window.


Air consumption:

Working pressure:

7 kg

80 l/min

2-5 atm


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