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Carefully designed to facilitate the everyday work of the dental technician: thanks to its compact size, it can be placed everywhere, the filters are easily...

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Carefully designed to facilitate the everyday work of the dental technician: thanks to its compact size, it can be placed everywhere, the filters are easily replaced without squatting, the motor can be replaced in less than 1 minute, optimum noise isolation, it can accurately detect up to three micromotors, wheels to move it easily, etc.

Eolo Plus Aspiration Unit is a good example of how this type of machines adapts to the needs and requirements of Dental Sector. Optimised double filtering system for working with most common materials used in Dental Lab (abrasives as aluminium and silica oxide included). Compact structure of the chassis that adapts easily to Lab furniture, taking up minimal space.

Electronic control with protection system for both overloads and aspiration inlet obstructions. It also has a visual indicator of full filter level. The Aspiration Unit allows working in “synchronized start-up” mode with up to three different machines (sandblasters, micromotors,…). The detection operation and the adjustment of the micromotors is carried out by the electronic controls, which allows adapting the inlet levels to any micromotor, even to the brush-less type micromotors. All these features together with its excellent soundproofness, attractive line, and of course being robust and reliable as all MESTRA products, makes Eolo Plus an interesting purchase option.

The upper lid of the Eolo Plus aspiration unit can be easily removed, giving full access to the filter, allowing to replace it without uncomfortable positions. The hook-type lock at the rear frees the lid and the filter.

The Eolo Plus aspiration unit also features a second filtering stage consisting of a high performance (99,9998 %) “absolute”-type filter. The combination of the two filtering stages allows the aspiration of all types of materials, included abrasives such as aluminium or silicon oxides.

A set of practical wheels allows to move the unit around in order to facilitate operations such as filter replacement, to share it with different work places, etc.

The aspiration motor has a power output of 900 W. It is placed in the lower part of the chassis, completely encapsulated in phono-absorbent material to reduce the noise level.

At the rear of the Eolo Plus aspiration unit there are 3 power outlets to connect different devices, fitted with a remountable thermal cover.

The controls panel of the Eolo Plus aspiration unit is at the front of the machine, allowing easy access to the controls. It is a synoptic type panel and, therefore, the combination of lights, diagrams and buttons allows an intuitive operation of the machine.


filtro eolo

Filter: R-080531-30

The first filtering stage consists of a high capacity bag filter.

Height: 585 mm
Width: 210 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Weight: 17 kg
Power: 900 W
Noise: 65 dB


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