How to buy a MESTRA product

Modern and versatile model trimmer.

It features a powerful 1600 W engine with integrated brake, opening lid for easy acces to the disc, operation warning light, disk with hook-and-loop type (Velcro®) fastener, sophisticated cleaning system, adjustable worktable,... and an endless list of elements which make it - probably- the most complete model trimmer in the market.

Unbeatable quality/price ratio.


  • Easy removable cover (wide opening hinge). Easy to clean and easy acces to the disc.

  • Made of high strength technical plastics.

  • Corrosion free.

  • Hook and loop (Velcro®) type abrasive disc. Hight cutting power and very easy to replace
080093 c
  • Wide worktable: 121 mm wide (Most probably the widest in the market)
080093 d
  • Adjustable worktable height.
080093 e
  • Knob for adjusting the water flow.
  • Lateral water and waster outlet. The turbulencesproduced by the discmovement help to drain off the waste.
080093 e
  • The upper part has been designed for a big storage tray (R-100062) to be installed, in order to keep the worktable clear.
  • 1600 W and 3000 rpm motor.
  • Built-in brake (the disk stops in less than a turn).
  • Easily adaptable to the R-080085 and 080087 decanters.



  • 80 grit abrasive disc (coarse) 080093-04 (5 u.)
  • 120 grit abrasive disc (fine) 080093-05 (5 u.)
  • Diamond disc R-080093-55 (5 u.)


Power: 1600 W
Speed: 3000 rpm
Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Abrasive diameter: 250 mm
Height: 340 mm
Width: 420 mm
Length: 345 mm
Weight: 14.5 kg


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